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         (de)generation is the second part of the ‘’de-‘’ cycle. The idea came into my mind just after I read the article ‘’One Month, 500.00 Face Scans: How China Is Using A.I (Artificial Intelligence) to Profile a Minority’’ written by Paul Mozur, published in The New York Times. The article declares that central Chinese government uses facial recognition cameras in order to subdue minorities, especially Uighurs. After a research about the topic, I also learned that the further aim of the government was also using this high technology to detect potential criminals by their facial expressions. It was so similar from Steven Spielberg’s cult movie The Minority Report which is based on Philip K. Dick’s short story of the same name. Then I started to think, what happens if this technology spreads all over the streets? In my opinion, our facial expressions already suppressed and classified by social norms. Somehow, many people lie to each other after a basic question like ‘’How are you?’’. Somehow, many people lie to each other to avoid possible judgements because of their gestures. Thus, their facial expressions become a part of their lies. However, I thought that if this trial was done by the authorities and heavy sanctions were imposed, we would eventually become naive and have a physically uniform face.

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