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    (de)personalization is the first of the cycle ‘de-‘, a collection of compositions which examines the current sociological and psychological issues of the 21th century.


        The word depersonalization is used to describe a mental disorder, a form of anxiety, that makes patients feel disconnected and/or detached from their bodies and thoughts.


       This work created by using an EEG (electroencephalography) machine outputs of a depersonalization patient, in the moment of anxiety attack. An EEG machine measures the brainwaves (electrical impulses that result of communication between neurons so that we can feel, think and behave) which are consist of Delta (1-3 Hz), Theta (4- 7 Hz), Alpha (8-12 Hz), Beta (13-38 Hz) and Gamma (39-42 Hz. I calculated the pitches that correspond to these frequency ranges and assigned them to audible sounds in the tape part. By using these pitches and acoustic instruments, work aims to create an uncanny, disturbing soundscape of a depersonalization patient’s mind from an artistic perspective.

Instrumentation: Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Violin and Stereo Soundtrack

Premiere – Istanbul Bilgi University / Bilgi New Music Festival IX, performed by Ensemble Platypus Soloists (2018)

Doris Nicoletti, Alto Flute
Theresia Schimidinger, Bass Clarinet in Bb

Sophia Gidinger-Koch, Violin

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